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Fudgy Chocolate-Strawberry Keto Brownies

Recipe Found at Birch Benders


1 pouch of Birch Benders Keto Ultimate Fudge Brownie Mix 1 large package fresh strawberries 1/2 cup coconut cream, canned


  1. Bake brownies using Birch Benders Keto Ultimate Fudge Brownie Mix in a square baking pan (per package instructions) and let cool.

  2. For the chocolate strawberry layer, first top the brownies with sliced strawberries.

  3. Then slowly melt ½ cup of canned coconut cream with 1 ½ cups of keto chocolate chips over a double boiler.

  4. Pour the melted chocolate mixture over the strawberries let set in the fridge for about 20 minutes.

  5. Slice and enjoy!

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