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Good fat vs. bad fat

Updated: May 1, 2020


The right fats are vital for optimal health.  Healthy fats can be healing to the body but unhealthy fats can be extremely toxic.

Nutritious fats provide the body anti inflammatory properties, energy and are key building blocks for various tissues.

Bad fats can be highly inflammatory and are damaging which can lead to a series of health problems. Learning to distinguish which fats to choose and which unhealthy fats to avoid may be one of the most important dietary strategies you implement into your life.

Beneficial Fats vs Toxic Fats

There are numerous sources of healing fats but the toxic fats that are damaging to your health.

Healthy fats can be found in many sources such as avocado oil, nuts and nut butters, coconut, coconut milk, and coconut oil, and olives and olive oil.

Good Animal fats are found in grass-fed butter, ghee, and dairy, grass-fed meats, organic, pastured chicken and egg yolks.

Coconut Oil

You should incorporate more Coconut oil into your diet. It is an amazing healing fat and has numerous health benefits.

* Aids in digestion * Strengthens the immune system * Prevents and fights candida * Fights infections * Balances blood sugar levels * Nourishes the skin and hair * Improves bone health

Grass Fed Butter

* Contains CLS * Strengthens the immune system * Reduces Inflammation * Great Source of Vitamin D & K2 * Rich in Vitamin A which is good for the adrenals & thyroid * Nourishes the skin and hair * Improves bone health

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