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Keto Chocolate Cake Pops

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Recipe By Swerve Sweets


Cake Pops

Chocolate Coating


Cake Pops

  1. Make the cake according to the package directions, and let cool completely. Then break it up and crumble into a large bowl.

  2. Add the melted butter and stir to combine well. Take about 2 or 3 tablespoons of the mixture and squeeze together, then roll into balls. If the mixture won’t hold together, add a tablespoon or two of water to the bowl and mix in.

  3. Place the balls on a waxed paper lined baking sheet and freeze one hour.

Chocolate Coating

  1. Place the chocolate and cocoa butter in a heatproof bowl set over a pan of barely simmering water. Stir until melted and smooth.

  2. To make the pops, dip a lollipop stick in the dark chocolate and then press it into one of the cake balls, then dip the cake ball into the chocolate and turn to coat. Tap the lollipop stick gently against the side of the bowl to remove excess chocolate and turn a few times to catch any stray drips.

  3. Push the end of the stick into a piece of styrofoam so it stands upright as it hardens and sprinkle with a few sprinkles, as desired (sprinkle immediately or it will harden too much for the sprinkles to stick).

  4. Repeat with the remaining cake balls and sticks.If cake balls start to soften too much, return them to the freezer (they are easier to work with and chocolate coating adheres better and hardens faster when they are frozen).

Makes 32 cake pops

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