Keto Mocha Smoothie

Recipe By SweetLeaf®


Dry Mix 3 Tbsp. SweetLeaf® Organic Stevia Extract 1 cup dry milk powder 3/4 cup cacao powder, to taste 3-4 tsp. instant coffee, to taste 2/3 cup powdered sugar free creamy chocolate coffeemate

For Each One-Serving Drink 4 oz. half/half or heavy cream (or milk of your choice) 2 Tbsp. sugar free chocolate syrup 1 cup ice cubes, more as desired


Dry Mix Blend all Dry Mix ingredients together and store in a plastic container. (Enough for approximately 10 servings.) For Each One-Serving Drink Put milk into a blender. Add sugar free chocolate syrup and approximately 3 Tbsp., slightly rounded, of dry ingredients. Add ice cubes. Blend until smooth and serve!

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