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Keto Pili Nut Pizza Crust

You might not consider it at first, but our Pili Nuts (especially Spicy Chili!) are one of the best pizza toppings ever! This photo of one from @backporchpaleo and looks incredible!

Recipe Found at Pili Hunters

Keto pili nut pizza crust back porch paleo   Allison Gannett


By Allison Gannett

Check out this Pili Nut Pizza Crust recipe from our good friend Alison Gannett at

Makes 2 crusts


1 cup Pili Hunters Pili Nuts finely ground 1 cup organic fresh parmesan cheese, finely grated 2 farm-fresh egg (enough to make a soft batter) Process

  1. Preheat oven and pizza stone to 450F.

  2. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and mix into a soft batter.

  3. Pour half of batter onto parchment paper and use a spoon or oiled fingers to make a circle. Repeat with second half of batter.

  4. Bake one crust at a time until golden.

  5. Remove from oven, add toppings and bake again until cheese melts.

For a pot pie crust - just use one egg and roll the mixture between parchment paper sheets. Cut into circles and place on top of ramekins filled with stew.


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