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Walking Daily Is A Good Habit!

Walking is such a privilege for those who can. I make it my habit to thank God everyday for the ability to walk along with having vision and hearing as well.

I like walking on the beach. It facilitates grounding with the earth as gives back great reflexology and tones up the legs and body better.

Walking is one of our best strategies for optimal health. Walking can be done anywhere and has minimum requirements yet a maximum impact on health. Plus, walking is a great way to shed excess weight.

Benefits of Walking

* Walking sheds excess weight

* Improves bone health

* Lowers risk of heart health

* Lifts your mood * Great form of aerobic exercise

* Enhances sexual health

* Helps improve blood flow * Increases oxygen to the muscles * Lowers the risk of diabetes

* Improves sleep * Reduces depression

* Increases alertness * Tones your muscles

* Adds years to your life

* Improves the immune system

* Reduce the bad cholesterol and increases the good cholesterol

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