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Replace Flour & Corn Starch With Arrowroot For Keto & Paleo

Updated: May 6, 2020

Arrowroot is a great alternative flour for the paleo diet and in moderation it is used in ketogenic cooking as well. It is tasteless and a great ingredient for thickening sauces by first mixing it into cold water and then slowly adding it in last.

You can make a non-keto recipe ketogenic by replacing the cornstarch with a tiny amount of you arrowroot instead . You can also use it in recipes such as soups, smoothies, and sauces to get the thick consistency you desire.

Arrowroot is a tuber vegetable that’s high in starch so it is 80% carbohydrates so it is actually considered mostly for paleo diets, however, but because such minimal are needed to thicken sauces, only a tiny amount of arrowroot powder won't add a significant amount of your macros count as long as you keep your serving size relatively small, Just be careful because too much arrowroot can take you out of ketosis..

Arrowroot is gluten free , grain free and can also be used in place of egg whites for thickening vegan desserts

Their Health Benefits of Arrowroot

Arrowroot is highly nutritious! It is rich in potassium, iron and B vitamins, which is great for metabolism, circulation and heart health.

Studies have even shown that arrowroot can boost the immune system .

Arrowroot is regarded as safe for both internal and external purposes.

It improves and heals the skin as it's rich in vitamins, antioxidants and protein. It can be used topically to treat blemishes, acne scars, rashes and dark spots by making it into a face mask. Use an arrowroot face mask to exfoliate dead skin cells to rejuvenate healthy glowing skin and lock in moisture.

Xanthan Gum

Another way to thicken sauces for keto recipes is using Xanthan gum. It is perfect for those looking to cook or bake without gluten.

Xanthan gum is an excellent gluten-free binder and is commonly used in gluten-free bread and dough. It is great for #KETOBAKING and it's Non-GMO and zero carb, Xanthan Gum is perfect for your healthy lifestyle. Add some volume to your baked goods, thicken up those protein shakes or smoothies. The possibilities are almost endless.

Xantham gum is ideal for thickening your sauces, gravies, soups, or salad dressings.

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