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Is Your Coffee Good For You?

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High Peak Organic Coffee Pesticide Free
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Healthy coffee free of  mycotoxins pesticides and chemicals


It is very common to find mycotoxins in many coffee brands.
These are very harmful mold toxins that occur in many substances.

One research study found, “practically 91.7% of coffee samples
were contaminated with molds.”

Mycotoxins can trigger anything from painful, full-body-inflammation to debilitating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and even kidney disease!

How To Select A Healthy Coffee





Choose A Single Origin Coffee:

Many coffee brands in retail stores or coffee shops is a mix-match of beans from various  farms and even different countries around the world.  Often most of these beans are mixed with pesticide-soaked beans. It’s also possible you can get premium dark roast beans mixed with under-dried, toxin-filled lighter roast beans. Single Origin coffee ensures you’re getting what you pay for - and nothing you don’t want in your coffee. 

Select Organic Coffees:

Always Go Organic. Why? Because conventional coffee is one of the most heavily treated crops with pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. One of the many health risks with these chemicals is that they can act as "xenoestrogens" in your body disrupting hormone balance for both men and women.

Shade Grown Coffees Are Best:

Only 2% of the world’s coffee is shade-grown yet shade grown is the best tasting coffee. When the sun is beating down on the beans it harms  the natural maturation and rich, complex flavor. With shade-grown coffee, no pesticides are needed. Shade grown remains more pure, unharmed & natural.  shade grown coffee is environmental and bird friendly.

Coffee Grown in High Elevation Are Exceptional

the higher the altitude the coffee is grown at, the denser the bean.

High-altitude specialty coffees, generally command a far better market price due to their exceptional flavor and vibrancy, lower yield per coffee tree, and challenge to coffee farmers in remote mountainous areas. You may have heard the term "Strictly Hard Bean" (SHB) which denotes an especially dense, high-altitude coffee. This means truly superb coffee beans that represent one of the world's most affordable luxuries. 

Arabica Are The Highest In Anti-Oxidants

Arabic beans provide the best of the best beans lower in acidity and higher in total antioxidant concentration.​Arabica beans are sold at a higher price because of their delicate characteristics,  Arabica trees are costly to grow because of their terrain and climate requirements makes them more labor-intensive to cultivate Arabica coffee is more prone to diseases and pests.

Sun Dried Coffees For A Richer Complex Taste 

Once washed, the beans are sun-dried until they've achieved a moisture content of 11.5%. (Too much moisture and you risk mold; too dry and the flavor of the coffee is spoiled.) Finally, the beans transition to a 30-day "rest" period which allows the flavor profile of your beans to deepen in richness, complexity and taste.

Be Sure It's Pesticide Free:

Too often coffee farmers slash and burn the rainforest and spray their coffee beans with toxic pesticides to keep the bugs away.
It is better to buy grow coffee that is chemical-free, nutrient-rich virgin soil.  Many migratory birds, like the beautiful Scarlet Tanager, can naturally manage bugs.. If you’re anything like me, I prefer to buy coffee grown the natural way, in the cool shade of ancient trees, where the beans can ripen slowly.

Always Buy Chemical Free:

Conventional coffee farms soak the ground with harsh chemical fertilizers - as much as 250 pounds per acre! When you grind up beans that have chemical residue and add hot water to them, you concentrate those chemicals into your cup of coffee.

Choose Non-GMO Coffee:

Select beans that are grown from single origin plants which have not been genetically modified. We believe in keeping our coffee as clean and pure as possible not just for health reasons, but to protect the environment and the delicate flavor profile that you get with every perfect cup.

Here Are Some Coffee Brands






That meet the above criteria:

Facts About Coffee:

Coffee is the second most popular beverage in the world. 
Coffee can be an important part of a healthy lifestyle and may even be considered a superfood.

Coffee has been shown to have remarkable medicinal qualities and promotes neurological health.  

Coffee grounds are wonderful for your garden soil.  You can also use ground coffee beans to help get rid of fleas from your pets, repel insects, repair scratches on dark wood furniture, and clean hard-to-remove stains from pots, pans and kitchen tools

Health Benefits Coffee:

  • High in antioxidants

  • May reduce risk of certain cancers

  • Lowers the risk of diabetes and heart disease

  • Enhances neurotransmitters in the brain 

  • Boosts dopamine & serotonin levels

  • Relieves inflammation

  • Increases metabolism

  • Lowers risk of depression and suicide

  • Helps prevent memory problems and Alzheimer's 

  • Helps lower the risk of Parkinson's disease

  • Reduces risk of stroke

  • Treats asthma

  • Caffeine stimulates the production of adrenaline.

  • Helps with migraines and headaches

  • Reduces workout pain

  • Facilitates better digestion

  • Helps fight against obesity

​ Enjoy Coffee with all your favorite foods!

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