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Vanilla Coconut Collagen Waffles & Gluten-Free

Updated: Jun 20, 2020



  • Heat the waffle iron, and spray it down with Primal Kitchen Avocado Spray Oil

  • Mix egg replacer with the two tablespoons of water. Let it set for a minute to thicken.

  • Add the rest of the ingredients together in a mixing bowl, and whisk, adding the egg replacer. 

  • Slowly pour the batter into the waffle iron in servings. 

  • Cook waffles for 3-4 minutes each. Note: Since these waffles  are gluten and grain free they may take a little longer than the waffle iron automatically indicates. Let them cook until they are lightly golden brown and crunchy on the outside. 

  • Top with berries, hemp seeds, and a drizzle of maple syrup

  • Enjoy!

By Primal Kitchen Recipes - Order Your Primal Kitchen Product Use Promo Code: GETPRIMAL

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