Keto Buffalo Sauce Cauliflower Wings

Updated: Jun 7

Recipe By Primal Kitchen April 24, 2020

These cauliflower wings in sugar-free, vegan, Whole30, and paleo-friendly Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce before baking to give the cauliflower wings plenty of kicky spice.  



  • Place cauliflower florets into a large bowl.

  • Add Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce and toss to coat each cauliflower floret in the sauce (use tongs if you'd like).

  • Sprinkle cauliflower florets with almond flour, using the tongs to distribute evenly. Sprinkle with more almond flour so that each floret is well coated.

  • Spray the tray of an AirFryer* with avocado oil. Place cauliflower florets on the AirFryer tray and place inside the AirFryer. 

  • Bake for 20 minutes at 400ºF, checking the florets every 5 minutes after they've cooked for 10 minutes and shaking the AirFryer basket. 

  • Remove from AirFryer and plate with sliced celery and carrots. Serve with Primal Kitchen Vegan Ranch Dressing. 

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